Mission Statement

Brookfield Academy JR Knights Football Club

Mission Statement

Brookfield Academy Junior Knights Football Club, Inc. is an independent non-profit organization which strives to develop the individual physical, mental and emotional talents of 5th through 8th grade participants in its tackle football club program, and through sportsmanship, team competition and fun encourages responsibility, compassion and excellence in all aspects of performance, both on and off the football field.


The Brookfield Academy Junior Knight Football Club Program strives to provide all participants in grades 5 – 8 with the opportunity to learn and compete in the game of tackle football, while stressing at all times Brookfield Academy’s Five Stars of Character, Intellect, Individuality, Truth and Heritage.  It is the commitment of our program, our board of directors, and our coaching staff to do everything possible to make sure every player becomes better in terms of their ability and understanding of the game of football.  Our players will walk away with a great understanding of the word TEAM and what it means to be a part of something bigger than themselves and what it means to be a teammate.  The Club will challenge its participants to pursue excellence in all they do.

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