All players will be tested during the first week of practice, to determine their strength, speed, and conditioning. The results of these tests will be an important factor when assigning positions. It is highly recommended that everyone spend time over the summer preparing themselves for the rigorous sport of tackle football.

Players should work hard during the summer to maximize their results in the following tests:

20yd Dash (quickness)

40yd Dash (speed)

Agility Run (quickness)

1200 Meter Run (endurance)

Push‐ups in 60 seconds (strength)

Sit‐ups in 60 seconds (strength)

Regular training focusing on these areas will greatly help your readiness for the upcoming season, and also minimize the chance for injury. It is also recommended that all players spend some time with a football this summer and seriously consider attending the BA Football Camp scheduled for late July.

If you have any questions, or would like further information, please feel free to call Sheldon Thompson at 262-202-7534 or